It’s not too late to buy the tea fanatic in your life a Christmas treat. We pick five of the best last-minute present ideas from the Cup of Tea range.

1) A teapot

Few tea lovers can resist the draw of a designer teapot. It enhances the tea-drinking experience immeasurably, helping to create a sense of occasion every time you make a brew.

Even better, it ensures the finest loose-leaf tea is given plenty of space to develop its distinctive flavour, making the resulting drink all the more enjoyable.

We stock a variety of teapots, suitable for a range of budgets. For those who want a real indulgence, the Mono range of tea ware is a good place to start. The Mono Classic Teapot is a design icon, and will prove a real treat for any tea lover on Christmas morning.

For those with less exclusive tastes, our range of everyday glass teapots, china and stainless steel teapots and cast iron teapots contains a number of items that would make the perfect Christmas gift.

2) A tea caddy

It’s well and good having the perfect teapot in which to brew a cuppa. But that’s no use unless the tealeaves are stored appropriately.

So why not buy that special someone a tea caddy, tin or jar? We’ve got a large selection of suitable items, including some eye-catching seasonal tea jars that are sure to brighten your kitchen at Christmas.

There’s also a range of plain tea caddies and attractive tea jars – offering something for everyone, regardless of their taste.

3) A tea accessory

One of the best things about any hobby is the opportunity it presents to buy all manner of accessories.

Tea drinking is no different, and we stock plenty of equipment to please tea enthusiasts. Take our tea thermometer as a case in point. This helps ensure the water is at exactly the right temperature for the variety of tea being brewed (95?C for black tea, 65-75?C for green tea and 90?C for fruit and herbal infusions). The result is a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Another great accessory is the beautiful TEA Book. This attractive publication, produced in collaboration with Ronnefeldt, tells you everything you’d ever want to know about tea. It would make an ideal companion for a Christmas afternoon spent beside the fire, feet up and steaming cup of tea in hand.  

4) A Matcha Gift Set

Christmas is a time to try something new, and a Matcha gift set could be just the ticket for the tea-lover who craves a culinary adventure.

The kit contains everything needed to create your own Japanese tea ceremony, including a whisk, a bowl and a measuring spoon.

Order it with some of our speciality Matcha tea and you’ll be certain to provide a present that lives long in the memory. 

5) Some tea, of course!

We couldn’t leave this list without mentioning our range of speciality teas. Whether you want to treat your nearest and dearest to black tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea or a fruit infusion, plus any number of other varieties, we’ve got something to suit.

So take a look at our range, and ensure the tea lover in your life enjoys all the fun of a tastebud-tickling Christmas.

12th December 2014

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