As spring finally starts to gather pace, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to break open some of our wellness teas.

Whichever way you look at it, the glory days of late March and early April are among the finest in our calendar.

It’s when we see the first signs of spring in the air, with daffodils blooming in the garden and the hedgerows launching into bud.

It’s when we get our first glimpse of the lighter evenings, giving us a couple of extra hours to get out in the fresh air at the end of the working day. And it’s when we start to see the creatures around us get busy in readiness for the fecundity that the warmer weather promises to deliver.

All these positive environmental vibes are a jolt for many people, forcing them out of their winter stupor and into a healthier way of life. As part of this, they develop a renewed interest in the virtues of nutritious eating and drinking.

After months of calorific cramming, the idea that you can enjoy great flavours without imbibing a high quantity of fat can come as something of a surprise. But tea drinkers know different, of course.

Cup of Tea’s range of delicious wellness teas use a selection of healthy ingredients to deliver highly distinctive flavours that bring a real boost to one’s state of mind.

For example, Ronnefeldt Best Balance combines eight special herbs in an expert blend to bring an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing to the drinker. It’s one of the most popular brews in our wellness range, combining the smoky flavour of Rooibos with a honey undertone and the complexity of anise, fennel, camomile flowers and sweet blackberry leaves. As one of our customers tells us, it’s perfect just before a yoga session.

The same could be said of Ronnefeldt Essential Energy, which has a fresh and uplifting flavour that is sure to put a spring in the drinker’s step. Its most dominant flavour is passion fruit, but other tastes that linger on the palate include anise, verbena, apple and rose hip. Just like many wellness teas, it is complex but subtle, making each cup an experience to be savoured.

Talking of savouring the moment, be sure to put some time aside if you want to really enjoy a cup of Ronnefeldt Oolong Special Orange-Ginger. It’s no overstatement to call this a taste sensation, in the form of a unique blend of striking citrusy flavours. That’s thanks to the 14 per cent orange peel used in the blend, combined with the finest aromatic Oolong, cinnamon and even black pepper.

Such unusual flavour combinations are part and parcel of the wellness tea-drinking experience. Consider Ronnefeldt Good Vitality as a case in point. This combines the rare treat of cola nut with hibiscus, apple, sweet blackberry leaves and elderberries. Even better, it incorporates 10 vitamins, giving you a tangible fillip, whenever you choose to drink it.

Another tea that’s enriched with vitamins is Ronnefeldt Feel Fit, which we regard as one of the prettiest blends to look at when dry. This is thanks to the cornflower petals used in the mix, along with apple pieces, nettles and sunflower petals. It’s like a rainbow of dried flora, and it’s every bit as appealing once brewed and in a cup.

With so many delicious and vitality-giving teas to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice. To help make life easier, we offer a Wellness Tea Selection, featuring six of our top wellness teas and a pair of metal tea tongs to help you make the perfect brew.

Alternatively, if you’d like a taste of everything, our Ronnefeldt Herbal Tea Tasting Selection contains sachets of 10 top-selling herbal blends for you to sample.

Whichever wellness tea you select as your favourite, you can be assured of a distinctive brew that combines a variety of aromatic flavours. And if it makes you feel just a little bit more energised or uplifted this springtime… well, we’ll certainly drink to that.

28th March 2014

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