A Cup of Wellness


We all need a little wellness in our lives, and at Cup of Tea, we always associate tea with good feelings. 

We have the perfect range of inspiring and delicious teas to help you feel good and balanced throughout the day.

All our infusions contain high-quality tea – from black to green and even white, real herbs, fruit and spices, with no unnatural additives, which means that you always get a fantastic cup of tea no matter how you’re feeling.

We’re convinced that our teas offer you a cup of wellness


Ronnefeldt Wellness Chai OrganicRonnefeldt Wellness Chai Organic
Ronnefeldt Wellness Chai Organic
Perfectly balanced flavoured green tea tea; tart, strong gunpowder meets orange, peppermint and chai spices.
Ronnefeldt Best BalanceRonnefeldt Best Balance
Ronnefeldt Best Balance
A flavoured herbal infusion with the taste of honey. A harmoniously blend of strong flavoured herbal Rooibos with honey, anise, fennel and chamomile to create balance and provide a soothing feeling to body and soul.
Ronnefeldt Feel RelaxedRonnefeldt Feel Relaxed
Ronnefeldt Feel Relaxed
An infusion that relaxes and helps to put stress and tension behind you. Masterly blended herbs with a lovely orange and indulgent creamy finish.
Ronnefeldt Sleep WellRonnefeldt Sleep Well
Ronnefeldt Sleep Well
A soothing, calming and relaxing herbal infusion with hints of caramel, blended with vitamin rich South African rooibos and other herbs that are relaxing and naturally caffeine free. A infusion that makes you relaxed and sleepy.
Rooibos Plum Cinnamon
Rooibos Plum Cinnamon
An autumnal and wintery taste experience in a rich red cup of herbal tea Smooth and fruity.
Ginger Orange Cinnamon
Ginger Orange Cinnamon
Fruity with a hint of spice. The first taste is a rich hit of fruit, followed by a touch of cinnamon with a warming spicy ginger finish.
Ronnefeldt Nightcap OrganicRonnefeldt Nightcap Organic
Ronnefeldt Nightcap Organic
A relaxing mixture of soothing organic herbs to help finish the day in a natural way
Lemon Grass Organic
Lemon Grass Organic
Grown in Portugal by Rute Cruz in her small herb garden in Ponte de Lima, her creation boasts a marvelous, fresh lemon grass tea with refreshing lemon nuances and a wonderfully clear cup. The lemon grass is harvested with a sickle by hand every 4-6 weeks during April to October. The aroma is strong, tart and has a refreshing lemony taste Certified Organic
Ronnefeldt Mint & Lemon Grass (Mint & Fresh)Ronnefeldt Mint & Lemon Grass (Mint & Fresh)
Ronnefeldt Mint & Lemon Grass (Mint & Fresh)
Tangy, fresh and pure. This refreshing blend of peppermint and lemongrass awakens the senses.