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A Guide To Tea Couture®

Cup of Tea is proud to be able to offer you the exciting range of Ronnefeldt Tea Couture®. This product range includes 11 varieties of high quality and enjoyable loose leaf teas presented in beautiful, eye catching and reusable tea caddies!

With all your favourites to choose from including green & black tea varieties as well as tasty caffeine-free infusions like fruity Wild Berries and the new and exciting Rooibos Chocolate Truffle.

Variations of Tea Couture®

Not only do you receive delightful flavours of loose leaf tea varieties, but the tea is filled in delightful designer tea caddies unique to each flavour!

See some of our variations below: 


Whether you purchased loose leaf black or green tea, or an infusion the brewing process is broadly similar:

Follow these steps for your perfect cup of tea:

  1. Boil some freshly poured cold water
  2. Place the tea leaves or infusion in a tea strainer
  3. Pour the hot water over the leaves
  4. Steep the tea for the appropriate amount of time
  5. Strain the tea
  6. Add a dash of milk to taste, sweeten if required
  7. Sit back and enjoy!


Brewing Table

   1 levelled teaspoon to 1 heaped teaspoon depending on the variety

   2-10 minutes

   A range of colours including: Golden Brown, Chartreuse, Yellow, Yellow/Green, Orange/Brown, Red Brown, Dark Red & Golden Brown. 

NOTE: Please make sure to read the individual brewing instructions on each package of tea.

Our top recommendations are:

  1. Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Darjeeling Gold: An elegant top class black tea from Darjeeling with delicious muscatel flavour.
  2. Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Earl Grey: A fine Indian black tea blended with exquisite bergamot oil: lively, spicy and refreshing.
  3. Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Morning Dew: A fascinating blend of green Sencha tea with flower petals and the subtle fruity aromas of mango and lemon.