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Ronnefeldt ChaiRonnefeldt Chai
Ronnefeldt Chai
A black assam tea combined with chai spices. Bursting with flavour! Sold in 100g bags.
Ronnefeldt Chocolate ChaiRonnefeldt Chocolate Chai
Ronnefeldt Chocolate Chai
Black Assam tea with cocoa shell and spices.  Sold in 100g bags.

Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau) - ChaiRonnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau) - Chai
Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau) - Chai
Flavoured Green tea with mixed spices and mango-lemon flavours, the Ronnefeldt classic now as a chai blend.  Sold in 100g bags.
Ronnefeldt Chai VanillaRonnefeldt Chai Vanilla
Ronnefeldt Chai Vanilla
A flavoured black Assam tea with Indian spices and vanilla. A balanced mix of leaves and spice, giving a tea with a smooth, milky quality.  Sold in 100g bags.  

Ronnefeldt Red Chili ChaiRonnefeldt Red Chili Chai
Ronnefeldt Red Chili Chai
A flavoured black tea, with notes of chocolate, fruits and the heat of chilli. Sold in 100g bags.
Ronnefeldt  Ayurveda ChaiRonnefeldt  Ayurveda Chai
Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Chai
A caffeine free herbal infusion based on Ayurvedic herbs and enhanced with chai spices. Rebalance your body and mind. Sold in 100g bags

Ronnefeldt Rooibos ChaiRonnefeldt Rooibos Chai
Ronnefeldt Rooibos Chai
A herbal tea with a spice blend - The best of both worlds... Sold in 100g bags
Ronnefeldt Top Three Chai Teas
Ronnefeldt Top Three Chai Teas
Three of the best Ronnefeldt Chai teas. Save 5% when buying these teas together. 

Chai Top 3 Hamper
Chai Top 3 Hamper
Three loose leaf chai teas, with a tea ball, all beautifully presented in a wicker hamper. Click here to see all our tea hampers .
Chennai Chai Organic
Chennai Chai Organic
Aromatic Indian spiced tea that marries the strong, full bodied taste of black tea with Asian flavours like clove, cinnamon and cardamom. This delicious Indian-inspired blend is delicious black or with a dash of hot milk and sugar. Certified organic Amount of tea per cup: 1 level teaspoonBrewing time: 2-3 min.

Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Masala ChaiRonnefeldt Tea Couture Masala Chai
Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Masala Chai
An enchanting blend of aromatic Indian spices and black tea create this exotic infusion.. Sold in 100g foil bags packed inside a decorative tea caddy tin