Take time out and enjoy our delicious Wellness and Ayurvedic Teas

Take time out and enjoy our delicious Wellness and Ayurvedic Teas

At this time a year followng the usual seasonal indulgences, wellbeing can be a topical subject for many people.
We are all looking for opportunities to relax and are often in search for that happy moment where we can balance the everyday stress. Our new Wellness blend Sweet Harmony will just give that moment of sitting down and taking a deep breath.

Sweet Harmony is a composition of lemon grass, lime blossoms, green tea (15%), sweet blackberry leaves, ginger, lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, strawberry leaves, flavouring, rose petals and jasmine petals. The herbs are infused with the taste of fruity rhubarb, fresh lemon flavour and velvety cream nuances. All in all a truly exceptional taste experience.

We offer eight teas and infusions in our Wellness category so If you like to venture out to more different Wellness teas why not try our Wellness Taster Box that contains 10 fabulous fruit and herbal infusions.

Drinking a cup of tea is Wellness for body and soul, the fragrance, the flavour and the effect of Wellness teas spoil the body and sooth the soul. Fragrant herbs, delicious, dried fruit and spices are expertly blended and tastefully composed by our tea tasters. Wellness teas are created to either stimulate, relax or calm. Taste your way through our range and you will hopefully find your favourites

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31st March 2016

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