Four of our most popular organic teas packed in plain 1kg paper bags. Achieve great savings and create less waste by buying in bulk. Just click on the images below for more information or to buy these delicious teas.


Earl Grey OrganicEarl Grey Organic
Earl Grey Organic
This fully fermented broken black tea with its many golden tips combines the sweetness of Chinese Yunnan teas with the power and spice of the best Assam teas. The special Earl Grey note is achieved by scenting the tea with fine, natural, lemon-fresh bergamot oil. A beautiful red-brown cup with spicy, full-bodied character and fresh, fruity notes of bergamot. Certified Organic.
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Sweet Pi Lo Chun OrganicSweet Pi Lo Chun Organic
Sweet Pi Lo Chun Organic
Sweet Pi Lo Chun - known as 'green spring snail' - is one of the most popular China teas. This tea boasts dark green leaves that are hand picked during the Spring harvest when only the bud and the youngest two to three leaves are picked and processed. The name relates to:Pi: Colour of the tea (green like a emerald)Lo: Shape of the leaves (small snails)Chun: Spring (harvest time) Our Pi Lo Chun boasts...
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Assam Garden OrganicAssam Garden Organic
Perfect with a Dash of Milk
Assam Garden Organic
A very strong, spicy tea with a slightly malty touch and a very dark, brown cup colour. The area of Assam is a high plateau in the North-East of India on both sides of the river Brahmaputra. Our tea comes from a tea garden that originally pioneered organic tea growing. A superb Assam tea that can be drunk throughout the day, with a dash of milk. Perfect in the afternoon with a slice of cake. Bulk...
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Rooibos Super Grade OrganicRooibos Super Grade Organic
Caffeine Free
Rooibos Super Grade Organic
Rooibos or Redbush Tea is the national beverage in South Africa, grown in fields and thrives in and around the Cedar mountains close to the cape of South Africa. Our Organic Rooibos is a soft and pleasant infusion with full-bodied earthy notes. It is naturally caffeine free, rich in Vitamin C and does not get bitter even if brewed slightly too long. Caffeine free, it is suitable for all age groups...
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